The policy of use of personal data

The administration is aware of the importance of your personal data and undertakes to ensure its confidentiality and security. For this reason, it is important for us to provide integrated information and practices on the treatment of personal data, in particular for the people interested (users of the site, customers, potential customers, consumers, potential consumers), in the matter of treatment of personal data, applicable in the following cases, that would not be in the bottom.

Please scroll through this policy and ask for all the details regarding the contact details below.

For more information, this privacy policy is applicable to all devices with access to the website, devices such as smart phones, hd, TV, laptop, etc, in the case where it is not in accordance with the Terms and conditions of use of the whole ( presented in this book from the point of view of the processing of personal data, but also with the general Terms and conditions, from the point of view of the confidential data, copyright, etc).), please do not use our site.

In accordance with the provisions of law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, amended and completed, the company manages such data in a secure manner only for the purposes indicated, the personal data you have provided to us You, in a site visit, in

By accepting the terms and conditions / policies of the processing of personal data, continuing to use the site and our services, and subsequently through these policies, you agree to this policy of processing personal data.

How and when is the information used?

The company uses the information collected in various ways, depending on the type of information collected:

The information collection system is provided by the server traffic from the site: this type of information reaches us helping us to distinguish the interests of the user. The site also collects the IP addresses of its users, in order to protect our computer system, in order to avoid infrared acts

Information stored through cookies: the site uses cookies to allow the best use of our services and also to obtain statistical information that allows us to improve our services. Cookies allow us to save your passwords and login preferences, so you do not need to send them every time you visit the site.


The site collects and works on your personal data for the following purposes::

Site management, optimization and compliance of the services provided.

The activities of the workplace, which includes customer service, updated the user in the news of the site, these will be transmitted through the e-Mail of the site .

For tests related to the above activities.

Type of personal data we work with

The company collects information from its users through the following methods: from the user in the first person, thanks to the registration of the traffic report registered by the server on the site, as well as through Cookies.

For more information on cookies, see the Cookie Policy available on the following link. (Href verso Cookie Policy).

When you subscribe to a service provided by the site, you may be asked your name, email address, age, gender or other personal information. The more information you offer unintentionally, the better we could customize your information for your next visit.

Server traffic report information:

When you visit a website, share some information about yourself, such as the IP address, the time of visiting the website, the place where you were when you connected to our site.

Our company records this information, as well as other operators.

Data portability and service providers

Your data will be strictly confidential and will not be transferred to third parties, except in situations where your contract will be given. However, in some cases, only legally, we may be asked to disclose some of your data; for example, in investigations, but in this case, only if legally possible. In some cases, other branches, companies or third parties may provide services on our behalf, in particular for payments for external services NORD PAY. Service providers are primarily involved as authorised operators only in the process of processing your personal data, whose online offer complies with our explicit instructions.

Who can access the information provided by the customer

By way of derogation from the above cases, the company will not disclose to third parties information that will never be able to identify one of its users, without having the consent before all this.

At the same time, however, the company may disclose identifiable personal data when the law provides for such action, or when it is necessary to disclose the rights and interests of the company.

In conclusion, when you access the site, and we are asked to provide us with any information about you, the information will only be provided to the site, except when the service or the information provided is offered to us in association with another site or service. Whenever we are provided such a service in association with another site, you will be informed about this action. Our main goal is to provide services to increasingly developed standards, so you need the portability of your information with the site or co-partner service.

If you do not agree with the portability of your data, you may also proceed not to give your consent, not using the specific service that requires this type of consent. On the other hand, if you consent to data portability, you should be aware that it is possible that providers that are connected to us may have other privacy and data portability clauses, so that

Protecting the privacy of young people and very important to us

Precisely for this reason, we comply with the rules imposed by the COPPA (law on the protection of the privacy of children online)and for this reason our company does not collect information from any user under the age of 18.

Our website, products and services are aimed at people over the age of 18.

Duration of treatment

The duration of the processing of data will generally be determined from the moment when the right of opposition is exercised, in accordance with Article 2 of law no. 677/2001. The company can store personal data for longer periods of time for testing and storage reasons.

However, the retention of personal data for an indefinite period may be used for the implementation of statistical data, for the improvement of services and for the management of accounts.

Right of withdrawal, cancellation of personal data

If you have ever accepted the processing of data, know that you can delete them at any time.

The site gives you the right to ask for your personal data that we process, but also the right to delete the stored data.

For any question or request concerning the protection of your confidential data, if you wish to verify, correct, block or delete some of your data is confidential in accordance with legal provisions, please contact us via e-mail or e-mail, indicating your User ID, username and e-mail. You can contact us directly, or our privacy and data protection officer, you will find the contact details at the beginning of the Privacy Statement. We consider it necessary that the reply to your request be made as soon as possible or at the latest within 15 days from the time of your request.

After processing your data or upon request by e-mail, your data will be deleted.

More Information :

Please check with each use of our site the presence of the personal data processing policy for Potter to always be informed about it.

In the event that the registration of your data is incorrect, the company is not responsible for all this.

We inform you that any security information application is not foolproof. Therefore, by using this site, you express your agreement with this policy.

In case you do not agree with this policy, do not use our site. If you continue to use it, after taking note of the policy, we will consider that you have given your consent to these changes.


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