Policy of confidentiality

2. Generality

The document that is going through right now, is in fact one of the ways in which we want to let you know and show that the trust that is given to us is not unilateral, and in our turn we make sure that your visit on our site is as pleasant and without consequences that could not be anticipated.

For any questions or concerns regarding the terms used below or for any issues regarding how we intend to maintain the confidentiality of the data, please contact us at the e-mail address :

3. What kind of information is collected

The company name collects information from its users in the following ways: directly from the user, from traffic reports recorded by the servers hosting the site, from the name of the site, but also thanks to cookies.

Information provided directly by the user:

When you sign up for a service provided by the company name, you can ask for your name, email address and other personal data. The more information will turn out voluntarily, the better, because we can customize your profile.

Information from the traffic report from the server

When you reveal some information about yourself, such as the IP address, the time of your visit to the site, the place from which you connected to our site. The company and other operators record this information.

4. Cookies:

From the idea that on our part there is a desire to offer our users a personalized service , the company can use cookies to facilitate storage and follow your preferences. For example, we may use cookies to identify and provide information and services based on the preferences you expressed in advance. In addition, third parties of online advertising may use cookies to adapt advertising messages to the needs of the public. Cookies are flagship folders "TXT", offered to the browser by the web server and then stored on the hard drive of the pc. The use of cookies is a standard requirement for many of the current important sites you visit. Most current sites have set the acceptance of cookies. If, however, you prefer this case, you can reset your browser to announce each time you receive a cookie, or to refuse acceptance of cookies. But you also need to know that some sections of our site may not be accessible if your browser is set to refuse cookies.

You also need to know that whatever you disclose voluntarily the personal data in the online world, such as in online forums, email program, FTP program, conversation groups, chat, information disclosed by you may be collected and used by unauthorized people. Even if the company does everything possible to protect your personal data, the company can not guarantee or guarantee your security for any type of information that is transmitted to us, so that the transmission of information in an unfavorable environment is its risk. However, you must understand that you are solely responsible for keeping your information secret (password, username) corresponding to the accounts you purchased as a result of using our services.

Details on the cookie policy that you will find here (link)

5. How and when is the information used ?

The company name uses the information collected in various ways, depends on the type of information collected

The information collected from the business server traffic report: this type of information helps us identify which section of our sites are of interest to our users. The company collects the IP addresses of users in order to secure administration in our computer system, with the aim of avoiding infranational actions and, in order to communicate anonymous models of users to our customers dealing with advertising.

The information collected thanks to cookies. The company uses cookies to allow the use of our services to the most useful and with the aim of obtaining statistical information that will allow us to improve our services. Cookies allow us to save passwords and access preferences, so that you do not need to introduce them every time .
How the information collected by you is protected

The confidentiality and integrity of the collected data are extremely important to us. The company will not offer the information collected to third parties without its Express confirmation in advance. All traffic statistics of our users that will be offered to third parties of advertising or parteneri sites, are provided as a set of data and does not include personally identifiable information about any user . Access to certain services and information within the site is protected by a password. It is advisable not to reveal the password to anyone. The company will never ask for your account password through unsolicited messages or phone calls. We advise you not to disclose your password to people who ask you to do so. More than that, if possible, you must remember to disconnect from your account or other online services offered by the company, at the end of the session. It is recommended to close the browser screen when you finish browsing the sites or services provided by the company.

These tips are intended to remove unauthorized access to your personal data or mail when working on the network in a public place (bar, Cafe).

Unfortunately, no data transmission via the internet can not be 100% guaranteed. Therefore, even if we make great efforts to protect your personal data, the company cannot guarantee or guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us.

At the time we receive the information you transmit, we guarantee that we will work hard to ensure that the safety of our systems, in accordance with the safety rules imposed by the European legislation in force.

6. Who has access to the information collected by the user

With the exception of the cases listed above, the company will not disclose any kind of personal information about its users to third parties without first receiving the consent of the users .

At the same time, the company may disclose personal information when the law expressly prevvvvede this thing or when it is necessary to protect the rights and interests of the company.

In conclusion, when accessing the site, please disclose information about yourself, it will only do so for the site, except in cases where the service or information is offered in conjunction with other sites.

Whenever this type of Service is provided to us in collaboration with other sites you will be informed about this.  In order to provide the services with the highest standards, you need the portability of your personal data with the site or co-partner service. If you do not agree with portability, you may proceed and do not give permission for the transfer of data through the non-use of this specific service.

If you accept data portability, you must understand that service providers are in partnership and may have other privacy and data collection clauses. The company is not under control and cannot guarantee all legal aspects involving the use of these confidentiality / confidentiality practices.

7 How to fix collected errors

If you create an account at one of our services, we can send you a confirmation email, where you will find details about your new account. The confirmation email will be sent to the email address that was provided to us and you will find in the email all the details to edit and delete your account data. We advise you to keep this email, especially since there are all the useful details for when you will have difficulty connecting.

8 data portability to third parties

Sites (site name) may use the services of an advertising agency to set goals and ads and support advertising campaigns, but also other messages specific to marketing activities. For these advertising campaigns we collect anonymous data thanks to cookies.  When this happens, the Privacy agreement will be included where you will find links to the privacy agreement in addition to the partner advertising agency network.

9 Information Security

We have made great efforts to protect the company and our users against unauthorized access or modification, disclosure or destruction of the information we have collected. Especially:

We review our practices of collecting, storing and processing information, including physical security measures to provide protection against unauthorized access to systems;

We restrict access to personal data by trusting the data only to employees of the company who have the right to discover the information so that we can process it on our behalf, who comply with strict obligations of contractual confidentiality and can be held responsible or who can be resolved if they do not comply with contractual obligations.

If it seems to you that your data is not processed in accordance with the rules or that they have been processed illegally, send us a complaint to the data manager (person or Oraganization who deals with the processing of your data) to the e-mail address:

Can’ :

Request modification, deletion or blocking of your data

Ask the data manager to inform people who have the wrong data, once this does not require a longer period or effort.

You can also send a complaint to the national data security authorities if you do not have a response founded by our operator.

10 amendments

Our privacy Policy may change from time to time. Your rights under this privacy Policy will not be reduced without your explicit consent. Any changes to the privacy Policy will be posted on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a notice with greater visibility (including some of the services, email notifications, changes to the privacy Policy). We will also keep the previous versions in the archive, but also the current version, so you can consult them at any time.

11 in accordance with and in cooperation with the authorities

The company reviews the rules in accordance with its privacy policy. When we receive written complaints, the person who filed the complaint will be contacted for confirmation. We work with the data protection authorities to resolve any complaints regarding the transfer of personal data that we cannot deal with directly with our users.

12 suspension and deletion of information from our database

The company uses the email address provided to send information about updates, occasional news about campaigns, etc.

At any time you want to suspend your subscription from receiving the next email or deleting the by from the site, we offer instructions for suspending your subscription, the details you will find at the bottom of the email, or by sending an email to this address :

13 the privacy of young people's private lives is very important to us

For this reason we comply with the requests imposed by COPPA (children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and our site will not collect information from anyone under 18.

The site, products and our services are not for people under 18 years of age.

14 consent

By using the site, you express your agreement on this policy.

If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use our site. If you continue to use it, after reviewing the policies, we will consider that you agree with the changes.